Clay Mosen
Director The Achievement Room
Quality gym, classes, personal training
I’ve known Paul professionally for 5 years, and he is always my first choice to refer clients to. I find that Paul approaches his physiotherapy work with a great professional attitude. He is patient centred, and has a high level of clinical reasoning. Paul will look at all the factors when he completes an assessment and I think he has a holistic approach to solving injuries. He is happy to work alongside other practitioners when required to get the best result for his client, and I find him to be a great team player in terms of sorting out someone’s injury. Paul has a great character, is friendly and puts people at ease. I like that he consistently does on-going professional development and stays up to date with new techniques and approaches to treatment. It’s very important to me that when I refer one of our clients to a physio, that they are going to get great advice, and that the injury prognosis is communicated to me, so I in turn can help my client achieve their goals in the gym. As a gym owner and personal trainer I fully recommend Paul Mauga as a physiotherapist.

Lorraine H.

Visiting “physioworks” clinic is a totally positive experience, from the warmth of the welcome to the totally professional treatment. Paul, listened to me, helped and solved my problem, and as well taught me how to maintain my own health and wellbeing, a truly win win situation.

Dr Ruth Highet
Sports physician
Medical Director Wellington SportsMed

I am delighted and very excited for Paul and his excellent team setting up their new practice “Physio Works”.. Having worked closely with Paul sharing sports and musculoskeletal injury management of many patients now spanning several years, I always feel very confident in Paul’s skill level and know his expert, very diligent and thorough care is hugely appreciated on the Waikanae Coast. He is a frequent attender at Sports Medicine NZ Wgtn branch meetings and also regularly attends conferences to ensure he keeps up to date on an international level.

Caroline McDonald
Caroline McDonald Personal Training

I have a Personal Training business based in Waikanae. Most of my clients are 40 years and over and as such many come to me nursing various aches and pains attributed to having led an active lives. Consequently I have been recommending and referring those clients to Paul for physiotherapy for the last two years. Paul is skilled in assessing injuries and then using a variety of modalities to treat those injuries or conditions. I like the way Paul looks at the bigger picture, not only treating the clients immediate pain but working out the actual cause of it, looking at possible muscle imbalances and such like. The rehabilitation programmes Paul puts in place for my clients are hugely successful focusing on strengthening and conditioning those areas that have been causing grief. My clients sing his praises. Paul has been brilliant in that he communicates with me advising the most suitable sorts of exercises for my clients while they recover. This flow of communication ensures everyone is on the same page and is obviously tremendously beneficial for the clients. Paul is always warm and friendly and takes time to get to know people. His communication skills are excellent.

Sandy S.

“It is always hard to find a good physiotherapist, however I was very fortunate to find an excellent physiotherapist, Paul Mauga. Paul has been my family’s and my physiotherapist for the past 5 years and we have always been extremely pleased with the professional service that he has given to us all and recommend him to others all the time. The difference between Paul and other physiotherapists is that Paul not only treats the initial injury he will then help to ensure that it will not occur again. He has a “hands on holistic” approach whereby he looks at the bigger picture to see why the injury has occurred in the first place and also gives you an exercise regime which is manageable and achievable to assist you to a speedy recovery. Another point of difference that I appreciate about Paul’s service is that if an injury did not come right after a certain time he would not hesitate to refer you to another professional to seek clarification ensuring that the injury would not be prolonged.”

Jenny B.

“I owe a lot to Paul who worked very hard to help my recovery after major surgery on my arm. I NEVER ONCE FELT i was just another patient he always explained what was needed to be done by way of exercises etc his manner was friendly and very professional. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs good physiotherapy treatment administered in the best possible way."

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